The Wind Horse (CD)

The Wind Horse (CD)

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Track listing:

1. Pretty Girl Milking A Cow (03:09)
2. Bloody Big Sunset (03:17)
3. Formerly Known As 'Space' (05:32)
4. Ripples In A Turquoise Lake (05:09)
5. Freya (04:42)
6. Maralinga (05:18)
7. Very Short Tune (00:48)
8. Speechless (06:02)
9. The Stickleback (04:54)
10. Moulin Town (06:39)
11. Brickyard Creek (05:45)
12. Snowfall (04:46)

The Wind Horse is a symbol from Tibetan mythology. It carries on its back the Flaming Jewel, to spread good luck and happiness to all living creatures, except, in this instance, Keith Daly. The symbol is featured on Tibetan prayer flags; very often these are placed at strategic points on a journey, such as the top of a mountain pass, to ensure a safe passage for travellers.

With the exception of 'Pretty Girl Milking A Cow', written by Turlough O'Carolan, I composed the tunes on Wind Horse between 1991 and 1995, in what was a hectic and productive time, musically and artistically. The recordings were made by Mark Gavin Atkins in his living room, using a Fostex 4-track reel-to-reel machine, between August 1995 and April 1996. I played guitar, singing bowls and a rainstick; Adam Bowden played 5-string bass on 'The Stickleback".

A series of issues followed with badly-duplicated cassettes, and a destroyed master tape, thanks to a man named Keith Daly, but that's too tedious to relate. For many years, I was left with just the original reel-to-reel tapes, and a heap of useless cassettes, until Mark Atkins resurfaced in Australia, and did a heroic job of re-mixing the original recordings - for which I am extremely grateful.

This is a CD; to download the album in MP3 format, go here.
To buy individual tracks as downloads, visit my Bandcamp site.

For more information on the tracks and the album, see my main guitar site.

First released May 8, 1996; CD released August 2012.

Guitar, singing bowls, rainstick: Robin Somes
5-string bass on "The Stickleback": Adam Bowden
Recorded, mixed & remixed by Mark Atkins

© Robin Somes, all rights reserved

Product CodeTHE6HWDO15
ManufacturerRobin Somes (musician)

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